Keshet Chaim (Rainbow of Life) is an American-Israelicontemporary dance company, dedicated to celebrating the inclusive spirit ofIsraeli culture and Judaism throughout the world. Founded in 1983 by ArtisticDirector Eytan Avisar, Keshet Chaim creates, develops and presentsoriginal choreography which fuses contemporary Israeli dance with Jewish folkdance traditions from across the Diaspora. They draw from the timeless themesof Jewish culture to preserve tradition and bring our stories to the stage.

Influenced by the multi-ethnic roots of the Jewish music, art, poetry andculture, Keshet Chaim combats prejudice and anti-Semitism throughentertainment, community outreach, children’s workshops, and professionaldevelopment dance education. With interactive educational programs the companyinspires appreciation of diversity creating excitement and curiosity about ourculture.

The company operates under the belief that cultural diffusion and disseminationof artistic values are key to the betterment of society. The company's missionincludes both preserving and extending the heritage of ethnic dance and musicfound in the diverse communities of the Jewish Diaspora. Influenced by worldmusic, the multi-ethnic roots of the Jewish people, and a constant drive forinterpreting and exploring Jewish values through art, Keshet Chaim serves asboth a repertory ensemble for traditional forms and a laboratory forcontemporary works based on these traditions. Keshet Chaim has become a pioneerin the development of Jewish dance and seeks to focus its mission by teachingthe richness of the cultures within the community to Jews and non-Jews alike. 

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