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Yuval Bar-Zemer
Marsha and Steele Davidoff
Rick Feldman
Diane Kabat
Judith and George Kieffer
Jack and Bettyann Lin
Dennis Koenig
James Stein
Rod Lathim
Brendan and Candace Gellman
Dr. Amy Gelfand and David Misch
Arthur Drooker
Shar McBee
Jude Lutz and David Palmer
Noah benShea
Dr. Meryle and Larry Gellman
Will Levine
Judy and Richard Reisberg
Andy Pasztor
Sue and Eytan Avisar
Hank and Barbara Kimmel
Leonard Liebshard
Monise and Anthony Neuman
Tedd Rosenfeld/Shellie Yaseen
Jody and Dennis Moss
Irene and Yoni Boujo
Lewie's Group
Jan Burns
Janet Farber
Susie and Bruce Goren
Jeff Reno
Maribeth and Ed Scharlach
Linda Purl
Perry and Susie Simon
Angela Antenore
Ira Handelman
Kathryn Retsky
Larry and Sunny Russ
Michael and Roslyn Savitt
Dorith and Mark Weinbaum
Jerry Witkow and Susan Shachar
Caroline Bolour
Janet Cupples
Barbara Margolis
Steven and Lisa Weiss
Jordan Muller
Julie and Barry Engelman
Brenda and David Schearer
Don and Kathleen Scott
Nancy Schwartz
Michelle Bruner
Sharon Granoff
Gale Goldberg
Doreen and Donald Nortman
Norman and Sylvia Cuttler/Botero
Doris and Marty Melnick
Ron Milman
Lawrence Feld
Barbara Ravitz
David Misch
Craig and Brigitte Frankel


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The Diane and Guilford Glazer Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation
Shepher Foundation
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Santa Barbara Education Foundation
Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara
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Stratton-Petit Foundation
Barak Raviv Foundation
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Councilmember Nithya Raman

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