Project HEROES is a nonprofit initiative that seeks to construct a narrative centered on heroism, highlighting the stories of individuals who played pivotal roles in saving lives on the tragic day of October 7th.

We aim to connect and align these contemporary heroes with counterparts throughout Jewish history, spanning from biblical times to today.

The common thread linking these individuals is their exceptional bravery and adherence to extraordinary principles that have guided the Jewish and Israeli people throughout the ages.

The impactful combination of music and storytelling reaches audiences within the Israeli and Jewish communities and opens the hearts and minds of global secular audiences.

Just as the body needs healing after a traumatic event, so too does the soul. The goal of this project is precisely that—to heal the souls of our people by inspiring our resilient spirits to overcome these difficult times.

The Concert

The multimedia stage experience incorporates songs and videos with live music, together with touching documentary scenes, and high-tech video artwork, effects, and lighting. In the interest of accessibility for wide-reaching audiences, the storytelling and speaking parts are in English.

We hope that by honoring and educating about these Jewish heroes and their historical counterparts that it will instill a new sense of pride, healing, strength, and unity for Jews, both in Israel and throughout the Diaspora.

About Gilad Segev

Leading the HEROES project is Gilad Segev, an Israeli singer-songwriter and musician internationally known as Passerby. Segev’s inspiration for the project stems from his first release in 2004, “Achshav Tov,” dedicated to his brother who lost his life while serving in the IDF. The song garnered widespread recognition, becoming the most-played track on Israeli radio stations that year.

Subsequently, Segev established a successful career both in Israel and abroad. Notably, Gilad is the son of a Brigadier General who served as the governor of the Gaza Strip and held the position of the last military attaché in Iran. Additionally, he is the child of a mother who is a Holocaust survivor. As these influences played a pivotal role in Gilad’s upbringing, his personal narrative is deeply connected with recent events.

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All income from the distribution of songs from Project HEROES will be donated to the residents of the attacked areas of October 7th and their living victims.


Project HEROES is grateful to our generous donors and volunteers who make our mission possible.

Miri Shepher
Moises Bucay
Robert Kricheff
Aida Gurwicz
Roberta Stiel
Edward Casson
Bev Wertheimer
Shimon Rojany
Charles Pollick
Teresa Ben-Hain
Shawn Halahmy
Sue Avisar
Gina Paoloni Grunfeld
Tedd Rosenfeld and Shellie Yaseen
Irene and Yoni Boujo

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